Community Buildings Retrofit (CBR)

Informing asset management 

Launched last year, GMF’s new CBR initiative uses the power of data analytics to help municipalities make more cost-effective and energy-efficient decisions about their assets. 

With $167 million in federal funding, CBR supports intelligent, evidence-based upgrades to aging municipal infrastructure and developing pathways to net-zero by improving energy performance, reducing operating and maintenance costs, and transitioning to cleaner energy solutions over time.  

Rather than ad hoc and fragmented retrofitting, CRB promotes thoughtful planning that can be capitalized over time. In 2021–2022, GMF published materials and hosted activities to raise awareness of the stream and its innovative approach, including a webinar on building recommissioning, a CBR resource library and a climate action accelerator workshop. 

Insights for the benefit of all 

Two case studies published last year on the community of Halton Hills, Ontario provide a real-world view of how data-backed building retrofits and innovative asset management can lower GHGs and save municipalities money. With the technical overview and business case details openly available, GMF is making it possible for other communities to take advantage of the lessons learned and replicate Halton Hills' success. 

Given its very specific focus, the CBR funding stream is able to provide tailored, in-depth support to funding recipients, including a CBR-advisory service with coaching on project delivery and implementation, personalized learning plans and customized capacity-building support. 

Key results: CBR 2021-2022

  • 445 tonnes C02e/year GHG emissions avoided
  • 3.9 million in funding approved for 26 projects