Core funding

Investing in audacity

In 2021–2022, our core funding stream continued to help municipalities start innovative sustainability projects and get them to the finish line.

Municipal budgets have always been tight, and COVID-19 made it even harder for communities to allocate dedicated funding to sustainability initiatives. GMF’s core funding stream provides the financial support to design, launch and follow through on projects, along with tailored step-by-step action plans and skills development. Last year, we supported 74 projects, with $104.4 million in new funding allocated. 

Backed by long-term performance studies, our core offer provides local governments with funding, resources and training to develop and implement initiatives that target optimized processes and increase sustainability in the following areas: 

  • Waste: Responsible resource management that avoids, recovers, and reuses waste.  
  • Transportation: Low-carbon transit options that are accessible, efficient, safe, and convenient.  
  • Energy: Reduction of energy needs and provision of clean, affordable and efficient energy production. 
  • Land use: Responsible protection, use, management and restoration of land. 
  • Water: innovative, technically and economically viable sustainable solutions to water challenges. 

We integrate repeatability and replicability to ensure innovations deployed in one community can be adopted and scaled nationwide. 

Key results: Core funding 2021-2022

Potential impact of approved projects:

  • 18,084 tonnes C02e/year GHG emissions avoided
  • 12,661,120 m3/year water treated
  • 74,600 m3/year reduction in water use