Core funding program

Though our team invested significant energy in launching our three new initiatives this year, we also had some exceptional achievements in our core funding programs. For example, our team worked to increase the demand for GMF’s funding streams for three reasons:

  • Better supporting our municipal clients and increasing the value we bring to them
  • Accelerating the placement of its endowment into impact projects
  • Creating more visibility so we can potentially leverage more opportunities

This was high-priority work for us in 2019-2020 even before receiving new funds from the Federal Government.

We also approved more funding this year than in any year since our inception — close to $92M in loans and grants for capital projects and more than $6.2M in grants for plans, studies and pilot projects. With exceptional teamwork, we achieved our stretch target of almost doubling the funding approval levels we reached in recent years.

Our legacy for 2019-2020