Electrified fleets for lower emissions

BC Capital Regional District Zero Emission Fleet Initiative 

BC’s Capital Regional District (CRD) continued its corporate fleet electrification pilot project last year with GMF support, exploring the carbon-reducing possibilities of fleet telematics and fuel cell technology. The CRD is a regional government responsible for 13 municipalities and three electoral areas on southern Vancouver Island and the nearby Gulf Islands. As part of this ambitious project, it is replacing eight gas engine vehicles with six fuel cell electric vehicles and two battery electric vehicles. The CRD is also installing telematics devices in another 40 vehicles to generate data that will enable more efficient route planning and optimize overall fleet management. 

If the results of the project are positive, the CRD will replace up to 100 gas engine vehicles with zero emissions alternatives as part of its longer-term fleet renewal, potentially reducing its operational GHG emissions by 440 tonnes of CO2e/year — a 35% reduction of total fleet emissions. Other municipalities could leverage the CRD’s findings to make similar enhancements to their fleets. 

While relatively new in Canada, fuel cell electric vehicles offer considerably greater range and faster refuelling than battery electric vehicle options. Telematics can help identify opportunities for zero-emission vehicle conversion and help minimize a fleet’s carbon footprint.  

Anticipated results 

  • Reduction of 159 tonnes of CO2e over three years for the pilot project 
  • Potential reduction of 440 tonnes CO2e/year if the project is extended to all 100 gas engines in the fleet   
  • 35% reduction in total fleet emissions