Our core funding offer

It often takes three to five successful deployments of a new solution in a variety of market contexts before the broader market truly takes it up. In other words, evidence matters.  

With a focus on early replication, GMF’s long-standing, core funding offers in land use, energy, transportation, waste and water are driving change as communities adopt and adapt in their local contexts.  

Our end-to-end approach, moving smoothly from planning to feasibility studies to pilots to capital projects, means that GMF initiatives are tested, tried and true. Our core funding offer is a model that has the power to boost replication in many contexts. GMF supports some of the fastest-scaling sustainability solutions happening in Canada today.

We delivered on the following projects this year: 

  • 34 energy projects approved or completed  
  • 10 net-zero buildings approved 
  • 5 district energy systems approved 
  • 9 projects that include renewable energy generation approved 
  • 17 transportation projects approved or completed 
  • 8 electric vehicle projects approved 
  • 9 land use projects approved or completed